How does Pet Stain Off work?
     We give you the tools and the knowledge to completely eradicate pet stains and odors
  • Pet Stain Off is formulated specifically to target urine and fecal matter from both cats and dogs. Most other enzymes on the market are general enzymes that do not target specific compounds.
  • Pet Stain Off contains both aerobic and anaerobic enzymes other products do not!
  • Our product becomes activated between the temperature of 40-120 F, other products need to be as warm as 70 F.
  • Our specially formulated enzymes continue to work up to 18 hours after it has been activated.
  • Pet Stain Off will work on any pet urine or fecal matter that it comes in contact with. 
Enzyme close up.


Optimum Conditions - Bacteria in digester perform within a pH range of 6.0 to 9.5 with the optimum pH near
7.5. Increases in temperature will cause increased activity and effectiveness in this product.



  • By following our systematic approach pet stains and odors can be eliminated even if the stain has fully penetrated to carpet backing.
  • We don't just send you an chemical in a bottle.  We give you step by step instructions and the tools to eliminate stains completely.
  • Our product has been used by professional carpet cleaners nationwide for over ten years.  This product has been through rigorous testing in the carpet cleaning industry.
  • Pet Stain Off does not contain chemicals that can discolor and breakdown carpet fibers ruining your carpet.
Used by professional carpet cleaners - Now available to the public!
Does not contain volatile and harsh chemicals like other product



Over 24,000 Kits Sold

Pete S, MD

The scent has really dissipated since I began to treat the floor with your Pet Stain Off.  Thank you so much, before I used it I couldn’t stand to be in that room for very long and thought I’d have to replace the floorboards where our puppy kept going before he was fully house-broken.  What a difference your product made!  Lois and Pete S.

 Helen L, WI

I have an older cat and was torn between having to put him to sleep or confining him indefinitely to one room so that his accidents were contained to one area.  Since I treated the room two months ago, I haven’t noticed a problem with odor.  My cat still has accidents occasionally, but I treat them right away and the smell doesn’t have time to settle in like it did before I tried the Petstainoff.  I am so pleased I found your website.  Thanks.  Mrs. Helen L.

 Gordon G, OR

Great product, nice scent!  Gordon

 Andy M, NY

Love your stuff and your website.  The special light was amazing.  I found out my cat was urinating in the corner of another room too.  Andy M.

TeddyBear Day Care and Learning Center

“I have been looking for a stain remover that was non-toxic for my in-home day care and was so happy to have found your website.  Thank you for producing a kid-safe product.” 

Dottie and Bill J., TN

“Thanks for a product that finally worked for me.  The special light that I got showed me how bad our floors really were.  It was amazing to turn out the lights and see all of the stains.  With a few applications of Pet Stain Off and after we waited for the areas to dry (we waited a week), we used the UV flashlight again and could see how much better the areas were and the smell was gone.  Thanks again!”  --Dottie and Bill J.

 A special thanks goes out to our loyal customers who have written to us.  We appreciate all your nice emails and letters, Thank you.

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